Contact Your Departed Loved One and Achieve Peace and Understanding

Hello Readers! I am sorry for being unable to be of service to you at the moment due to health matters. In my leave of absence however I thank you kindly for your patience and understanding!

You have been wanting to communicate with your departed loved one – your departed loved one has also been wanting to communicate with you. Now, you can make this possible!

Hello. My name is Vivianne Lafrance and I facilitate communication with departed loved ones. For more than 25 years, I have been a bridge to the world of the afterlife. I exchange messages between people like yourself and your departed loved one’s soul.

The Soul Communication technique that I utilize involves a direct connection and exchange with your departed loved one’s soul; the result is a unique and deeply rewarding experience.

The process begins with you thinking of and providing me with any message you may choose to share with your departed loved one’s soul and question(s) you would like to ask him or her. With that information, I enter into a trance and connect, through your soul, to your loved one’s soul. I then communicate any message you may have for your loved one, ask question(s) you want answered, receive the answers from your loved one and forward these to you by email in the form of a Soul Communication.

Please use the following simple steps to learn more about Soul Communication and how you can achieve peace and understanding through your loved one:

  • To find out what my clients say about their contacts with their departed loved ones, please proceed to the TESTIMONIALS page;
  • For a better understanding of the Soul Communication process that I use, please proceed to my CONTACTING A LOVED ONE page;
  • To view the kinds of questions people ask their departed loved ones, please read the SAMPLE QUESTIONS page;
  • To get answers to questions you may have about contacting your departed loved one, please proceed to the FAQs page.
  • To access an in-depth document on all aspects of Soul Communication, please proceed to the WHITE PAPER page.